Monday, April 27, 2009

Waste of Space (temporarily)

I am realizing today that I have been a waste of space:
  1. I haven't accomplished much this semester (if anything) regarding research.  
  2. I did manage to take two classes but eventually dropped one of them due to bizarre issues.
  3. I started a blog (heehee).
  4. I don't respond to emails in a timely manner.
  5. I have been forgetting important deadlines and am having to give lame-o excuses to compensate for being such a chump.
I'm sure there are others not listed, but I'm telling you this b/c it stops today! Everybody is somebody, and right now I'm nobody...and the realization stinks. I'm not depressed, so no worries :) I'm just really seeing that I'm in a research slump (and have been in one since the new year), and I need to snap out of it...or I'll never EVER graduate (and we can't have that)  :), I'm going to think about how to improve my situation and get back to you in a bit 

PS-it's so hot out today, that I'm actually wearing shorts in public


  1. mere - i love your motivation!!! good luck pulling yourself out of your research slump! frankly, i am a little in the same boat with my damn thesis!!! i had been making amazing progress my first 4 months here, but then kev got sick and i started to travel for work - i'm too exhausted (mentally) to work during the week, so it's just weekends. holidays and any type of travel completely kill my thesis time! and then there are huge delays between communication with my advisor and that makes it hard to keep my motivation! it's just a stupid sitaution and i'm usually so dilligent and productive that it makes me hate myself but it's simply the situation that i am in... grr!! it's taking longer than i had anticipated and it's maddening :( so you've inspired me to try to kick it into high gear - i suppose i should make 1 or 2 nights per week thesis nights, regardless of what i "feel" like doing!!!!

    good luck getting back to being uber productive!!!

  2. I totally get you, Mel! It's a stupid situation, and I let it get this now that we are aware and the fire under our butts is lit, we can be more productive (re. research)! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you with all the other things going on in your life - you are a busy person! so at least you're getting something done...I'm certainly just being lazy :( let me know how your thesis nights go!! I think one night a week is good :) (to start back up with).

    I met w/ Lady Caroline yesterday to discuss this situation, and our current plan of action is for me to come up with an "action item list"...I love "to-do" lists for other things I do outside of research, but I can't seem to follow them when it's for my research. So...I'm going to get my list together, and then slowly (but surely) meet more with Lady C to cross off what I've accomplished. I'm aiming to do my Comps by end of August so that's my long term goal for now...bleh...I'm sure August will come too soon, though. I'll keep you updated on my progress :)