Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Positively) Freaking Out

About 3 weeks ago, it was decided that I was ready for my Comprehensive Exam.

...3 weeks later (today!), I'm starting to freak out (!) because I haven't accomplished anything really, yet I have SO much to do. I thought I was ready for this exam, but I'm feeling anything but ready - I feel doomed! I can feel the doom and gloom mounting on me as I write this (forget the dreams I've already had about this exam!).

To show you how chaotic I am currently, here is a photo of my desk today - actually to clarify, here is a photo of my desk plus the neighboring desk that I've commandeered within the past week:

Eeeeeek...it's wild!

But even with the "doom and gloom" feeling, I'm going to think more positively for there are others in the World who are more legitimately in need of positive vibes and prayers. I don't mean to get heavy, but take note: 1) A family (and our campus) is currently mourning the loss of their son, a freshman student, and 2) A family is dealing with health issues after already overcoming so much. I've never met either family, yet I feel very emotionally affected by their stories. And, I feel silly for being so concerned about my Comps Exam. Deep down I know everything will be OK regarding my exam - whether I pass it now or later. And, I think it's OK that I'm worried about passing it - I just need to put this part of my life into perspective by making sure it maintains its proper (and theoretical) place in "my life hierarchy" (I don't really have a diagram of this mapped out, btw).

So...wish me many productive mornings, days, and nights preparing for my exam! It should be a doozy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Since it's been soooooooo long since I posted, I thought posting some pics of puppies would be good. These schnoodles (poodle+schnauzer mixes) were listed on statecollege.com's website recently:

There's more of a story about these pups, but first I have a confession - I often look for dogs to adopt. Seriously, any downtime I have between runs at the lab or while I'm eating lunch, I'm looking at dogs (while still looking at Etsy, no shame). But I always check Petfinder.com. First, I search for "poodle" and then I search for "schnauzer" (all within our local zip code). If I'm really feeling wild, though, I'll search zip codes in Ohio. After all, Petfinder.com is where I found Grady (he was originally named Stone) whom we named after Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians. We didn't know much about Grady/Stone before we got him - we just knew where he was located and what he looked like (see his pic below!):

Before we got Grady, I had been searching Petfinder.com for months and months to find a dog. I filled out many applications naming friends and vets as references, but most places wanted owners to have some experience with dogs since the rescue dogs may have some "issues" (I had never fully been responsible for a dog, while Hubby has but it was a few years ago). I do understand this, but it was sad for me because I really wanted to help a dog! It was also difficult for me to find a dog because I'm very allergic to dogs that shed, so I really needed one that did not shed much (even though I'm sooooo in love with Rottweilers). I grew up with a poodle named Lady who was the prettiest lady ever (see pic of me and Lady below!), so I knew I could handle poodles (and likely a poodle mix).

When I saw Grady/Stone online (listed as a poodle possibly mixed with schnauzer), I called about him immediately and the woman on the phone was very friendly. She told me that Stone was "very manly" (haha), and a great dog. We talked for a few minutes more and then we decided that I was going to come pick up Grady/Stone that week! Hubby and I drove out to New Philadelphia, Ohio, to get him (kinda close to where Hubby grew up in Kent, Ohio) - That was nearly two years ago (we got him in October 2007), and I know we really got lucky with him. He had some issues with worms for a few months when we first got him, but he kicked that eventually and has been "clean" ever since. I'm not sure why anyone would ever give him up, but I'm very thankful that we get to raise him as our little guy. Because I can't resist, here are some pics of our boy:

Grady's comforting me during my recovery.

Grady's working hard.

So...back to the 4 puppies above! Where we live, there is another schnoodle named Socrates (the owners call him Socks for short, and Hubby calls him Grady's "philosopher friend" heehee). Socks and Grady are great friends! Socks is originally from Maryland where he was found wandering the streets (He had mange and was unable to do his business easily b/c he was so dirty and uncared for - poor guy!). We usually get together on Sundays outside to let the dogs romp around for a bit...I have to get it on video because it's so cute. Socks' owners love Grady (they call him Big G heehee), and they are always telling us about how they are searching for another schnoodle to adopt.

To make an unnecessarily long story short - They are actually who told me about the schnoodles on statecollege.com - so I had to check them out online! Of course, Hubby and I loved them instantly. But, we know our time currently is very limited (and we still want to rescue a more needy dog), so instead I showed other people close to us in hopes that they would want one! After pining over them for a week, I showed the ad to a friend and she was smitten, too! On Friday, we made a visit to the pups and now she is going to get one! I can't reveal who the new owner is yet, but I will post a sneaky picture of them together (and maybe you can guess). :)

New owner and new schnoodle!

I hope you enjoyed the puppies, and I hope you get a dog!! :) They are the greatest companions and friends.