Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Day!

Today is my 2 year wedding anniversary! Hooray! I truly loved every part of my wedding and thought the overall day was great and stress free (at least, I think it was)...ahhh...but if I knew then, what I know now I would have definitely utilized Etsy more (I would have still married the same guy heehee). If you have never checked Etsy out, then quickly click and explore all the fun items you can buy there. You will honestly be so pleasantly surprised at all the coolio stuff you can buy that's handmade! They also have a lot of fun vintage stuff, too. Hint hint: buy me some pyrex!

It's no surprise, though, that I didn't utilize Etsy more because I really didn't get into the site until after my honeymoon. During our trip in Hawaii, my hubby and I stopped at a little market that had a lot of generic, tchotchke crap. BUT it also featured a few local of which sold me an awesome ring. She gave me her card, which had her etsy site on it...and upon returning to the mainland, I checked her shop site out (along with the rest of Etsy) and I was hooked with all things Etsy! Since then, I have bought many items for myself and others including shirts, jewelry, baby gifts, holiday cards, birthday cards, dresses, bags, holiday decorations, laptop accessories, etc., etc.!!! It's become a joke w/ me and Melly Rae - she'll see me wearing or using something new that I got from Etsy, and she really doesn't even ask anymore where I got it. Any free second I get, I check the homepage out just to see what items are featured...I'm totally addicted. Not so much to spending money on the site (although, after tallying up what I've spent as a whole I'm beginning to wonder about that), but more addicted to "window shopping". I said originally, I think it would have been fun if I could have incorporated some Etsy into my wedding. I did have a really good friend make all of the jewelry for me, my bridesmaids, my mom, and my Mother-in-Law (so that's definitely along the lines of Etsy). I also had an awesome printer/designer create my invitations. But maybe I could have used these wild birdseed favors or these wildflower seed favors. My bridesmaids could have worn dresses from Ureshii or Miss Brache. I could have danced atop one of these tables...kidding, of course! I think you get the idea...

There's much more to life (and relationships/marriage, whichever you like) than having a "great wedding", I know...I really thought of it as a big party where we celebrated our relationship. For my next big party (ahem, PhD graduation?), though, I'll definitely be incorporating some Etsy stuff into it! I'll let you know when you can mark your calendars for that special occasion :)

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