Monday, June 28, 2010

3 months later...

It's been 3 months (to the day) since my last post and, as usual when that much time has passed, there are a few updates to report if I haven't told you already.  

First, and most fun, I am pregnant!  I was first tuned into the possibility that I might be pregnant after a dentist visit on Tuesday, March 30.  It was the first time I was seeing someone at this practice, so I had to fill out the usual routine questionnaires that addressed any concerns or expectations I had about my dental health. I mentioned on my questionnaire that I was having a metal taste in my mouth.  When the dental assistant asked me more about this and offered her suggestions about what it meant, I joked with her (not seriously at all) about it possibly being some weird way to indicate I was pregnant (thinking it was an old wives' tale kinda thing that wasn't really true).  She then explained that the metal taste could certainly indicate that I might be pregnant.  We discussed some more (as I was secretly freaking out inside my mind), and she told me that with all three of her children she had a broccoli taste in her mouth (it was such a strong taste that even her hubby would notice...and still proceeds to freak out every time she comes home smelling like broccoli).  We decided to hold off on X-rays for the day until I knew for sure, which was fine because I had to return in a few days to get fitted for a mouth guard and have a cavity re-filled.  I was very grateful that the dental assistant was so sensitive and alerted by that questionnaire - they do read them!! (side note: I was not, however, happy with the wack and insensitive dentist that re-filled my old cavity b/c he did a very poor job "fixing" my filling (among other poor things)...such a poor (and very painful) job that he almost caused me to need a root canal!  thankfully, a different (and most fantastic dentist!) fixed the wacko's work and I do not need the root canal.)  After this initial dentist visit, of course I went to the store and got a home pregnancy test.  I got the one that would show two + + if you were pregnant - easy to read, right?  I now understand that commercial that says "one in four women will misread a home pregnancy test", because I could not tell from that first test if it was positive or negative...the + was too light in color to really decipher whether it was + or – (most frustrating!).  So I took another - and again, too light to tell!  I decided to wait until the morning to test again, but again it was so light that I could have been willing it to read +.  So...I told myself that I would wait until Friday to test again.  Needless to say, it was all I could think about the rest of the week.  When I finally was ready to take it again, I had to buy more tests because I had used all the ones in the first box.  So going on 4 tests now, I tested one more time - although, it was still light in color, I was sure it read + +.  Still, I had to check again in the afternoon (test #5!) know, just to be sure...and it was still + +.  I hadn't told Brandon at all about what was secretly going on in my wild brain since my dentist visit - I just wanted to be extra sure before I told him, I guess.  So, I finally told him that Friday afternoon by showing him one (just one!) of the tests and telling him that it meant "we're pregnant!", and he looked very surprised and said "wow!"  :)  We were certainly surprised by this, but very happy.  Currently, I'm about 16.5 weeks along and the baby is the size of a turnip.  We have had a handful of OB visits during which the last one we could hear the baby's heartbeat and hear it moving around inside.  It's all very surreal but we're so excited!  I have not had cravings just yet, but I do have a thing for potatoes of any sort (mostly mashed and especially fries).  I am happy as long as I have a potato at some point during the week. some 10 minute interval every night from 2-3am without fail, I am awake and chowing down on something.  Usually my late-night snack consists of oatmeal or handfuls of craisins.  I'm not sure if waking up hungry means I'm not eating enough throughout the day, but I'm trying to eat more each day. I have noticed that my appetite has actually increased a lot in the last week, but I'm still finding it difficult to eat enough throughout the day.  And, sometimes I have to stop myself from eating too much at one time (which I did not do last week when I consumed an entire pizza in one was thin-crust, though!).  I have also started eating carrots, which I once thought I abhorred.  Now, I eat them every day and they are delicious!

Second, I have two(!) students doing work for me this summer.  They are doing experiments in the lab, so I don't have to be there.  I spent my first few weeks with them, just showing them what I do and then I would shadow them.  They are certainly clumsy at times, but they are learning and I can tell that they are improving.  I'm still working on trying to get them  in the lab on a consistent schedule, but so far I think they are working out very well.  They are accomplishing double the work that I could have done each week, and I'm not even sure how I could have done half of it.  Even though it was very difficult to relinquish control of some of my experiments, I realized that it would be so helpful to me in regards to what I could accomplish this summer along with just having the experience in managing others.  Other people have told me "I would never trust my experiments to someone else", and I used to think that way, too.  But, eventually, I guess I approached this thinking that if I want to work in research or work at all really...I will have to trust that people can get the job done.  I cannot do everything myself, even though I would LOVE to have my hand in everything.  It's just not possible!  I believe that I took the time to teach them how to be courteous and safe in the lab, and I do check on them from time to time.  I still have to correct some of the things they do in the lab (e.g., keep your safety glasses on!!!), but they seem to be thriving well on their own in the lab.  

Third, I'm having a baby!  Did I say that already?  :)  

I'm going to end this post now as it's fairly lengthy already.  I have some other updates, but I'll fill you in on them soon enough I'm sure.  have a super week!

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  1. Congratulations on the new baby, Meredith! I also found it quite impressive how my wife's orthodontist (Cookeville, TN area) able to detect her pregnancy when she came for a check-up a couple of months ago. It was also that metal taste that gave the hygienist the idea of her being pregnant. We've been with the family dentists in Cookeville for years now so I think they'd understand if my wife won't be able to come for another check-up until she gives birth. Anyway, I'll share your story with her later.