Friday, March 27, 2009

I can walk!

OK...I've actually been able to walk on both of my feet for a few weeks now with the aid of my walking cast (aka das boot).  But today I'm going to attempt walking without das boot for the entire day.  This may sound like a small feat to you, but it's not so much to me.  I'm a very active and independent person, and this injury was very difficult for me in that I really needed all the help I could get.  Of course, I will take your help if/when I need it (I was so very fortunate to have my family come to help me along with my great friend, MR, and my hubby that all helped me with all the simple tasks while I was laid up for 6 weeks), but I prefer to accomplish small everyday tasks on my own.  Something as simple as taking my dog out was pretty much unfeasible when I was hobbling on crutches and one leg.  So it's pretty exciting to be able to literally stand on my own two feet and get shit done, whether it's taking my dog out, going to the post office, or picking up some groceries.  I suppose working on research fits in there, too...  

Well, I've already taken my dog out twice now without das boot, and it's been great!  I feel like I can hear "born free" playing as I step out into the sun with my dog in tow.  Soon, I'll even be able to run again...but for now, I'll settle for the "cool walk" (as passed down from my dad).


  1. hey !!
    Just heard about your blog (from the energy blog linking!). It's awesome to track your progress this way. It took me sometime to get back to running after my knee injury (back in 1998) but I was eventually running 13 miles by late 2000. You go girl!

  2. you crack me up, Nari :) thanks for the encouragement! we gotta get coffee soon!!

  3. yay for walking!!!! i can only imagine how frustrating it has been for you to be all laid up. :(