Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scarred for Life

As a result of my recent accident, I now have two scars on the inside and outside of my left leg.  They are significant sizes - the scar on the inside of my leg is about 4" long, while the scar on the outside of my leg is about 8" long (keep in mind they are holding some good stuff inside like a sizable amount of surgical steel and screws).  I know people are in awe of my scars, and I'm not sure why.  I know they are not envious of my scars.  I know they wish the scars never even existed.  But, I also know that people love gore.  I think they just can't help looking at (and in some cases touching) the scars.  I find it amusing, and it's easy for me to talk about with people.  

I have had several people suggest different products that can be used to help conceal or lessen the scars.  While I appreciate the suggestions, I simply reply by generally saying "Thanks, but I like my scars the way they are".  I could try to say something philosophical about my scars (e.g., I look at them as a reminder of how unpredictable life is), but I don't think that's necessary or completely true.  The truth for me is that I don't want to hide them, because I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of them.  When I tell people this, they look at me like I'm foolish for not wanting to treat them.  Perhaps, they have had traumatizing experiences that resulted in scars (I hope not!) or maybe they just think my scars are ugly.  I don't ask.  But for my personal situation, I am indifferent to the appearances of my scars.  If they look better later in life - great!  If they look the same or worse later in life - fine!  I don't think the appearances of my scars will affect my confidence or my everyday attitude.  I won't forget how I got them, but I won't dwell on it either.  I'm just happy to be (generally) healthy again - scars and all.  



  1. mere - i think this is quite simply because you value life and your emotional state (and other things such as friends and experiences) much more than something as superficial as appearance. this is obvious even without you sharing your sentiment about your scars. frankly it makes you who you are, and the world is lucky to have you :) i wish more people were like YOU!!!!

  2. I agree..
    "...I don't think the appearances of my scars will affect my confidence or my everyday attitude."
    This IS philosophy, at least by Indian standards :-).
    I recognize that this is not the situation with you, but in my case I would keep the scars for the bragging rights :-)

  3. my scars are pretty cool, Pradeep :) haha

    can you visit me every day when I wake up, Mel? You are too nice :) thanks for your note :)