Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun with Voice Memos: Squirrel Talk

With my amazing cell phone, I can record "voice memos" - and the fun that ensues with this feature is endless.

Today, while both working on my Comps paper and watching the Penn State game, I heard the most amazing noise coming from outside my sliding glass door. I creeped around the corner so quietly (I thought it was a bird, and I didn't want to scare it) to see the most squirrely of squirrels sitting on one of the branches of the tree nearest to our building. For about 45 seconds, I listened and watched as the squirrel continued its chirping. And then (Eureka!), I remembered that I could record the sound! I've heard many squirrels making this sound before, but usually they are chasing each other up and down and around the trees while making the sound. Today, though, this one squirrel just sat on a branch and with the magic of my phone and iMovie (and some luck in that the squirrel didn't run away)...

I bring you: Squirrel Talk (Turn the volume up!)

Note: I know my editing skills and photography are poor (to say the least haha), I will improve them both for future movies. Enjoy!

PS-If you listen closely, you can hear another squirrel chirping in the distance somewhere...long lost squirrel friends? I think so :)


  1. excellent!!! you made a great movie - NO self-deprecation!!! :-)

  2. did you feed any lonely bananas to these squirrels yet?