Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lonely Bananas

I have a soft spot for the bananas at the grocery that have been yanked from their cluster mates (and now they sit in a pile with all the other lonely bananas) so that people can get the "perfect" cluster amount of bananas. I see it all the time, but why does it happen? who knows...

Are the lonely bananas worse tasting than the clustered ones? doubt it.
Is it really too much for someone to take home 5 bananas rather than 4? apparently!
If so, why not pick 4 lonely bananas and leave the clusters for someone else who will take the lot?

Check out the lonesome bananas when you go grocery shopping next - you will likely see 20-30 of them in a pile just waiting to be gobbled up while their cluster mates leave. I feel like I could make up a cartoon/story about this (I'm suddenly feeling very passionate about the lonely bananas), and I'm starting to giggle about the thought of it (am picturing the lonely bananas commiserating together while the teams/clusters of bananas have a party). heehee
Note: I'm actually slightly allergic to bananas (I really can't eat them without some kind of throat itching/swelling)...but they are so good, right?


  1. you are adorable! if it makes you feel any better, i sometimes grab up a few of the lonely bananas to make up the amount that i want! i'll be sure to do so more frequently per your request :)

  2. hello!! funny post and yet thoughtful. I actually pick up lonely bananas many times (if they look ripe) but I am also guilty of removing bananas from their family when I dont want too many in a cluster. But that happens only when all the lonely bananas are in bad shape to purchase.

    ps: please don't write about lonely grapes, haha!

  3. At my local supermarket they have banana singles events and you can buy a whole bag of them for (ceteris paribus) less than their joined-at-the-hip former bunch fellows.
    Also that picture of a banana is extremely curvy. I don't think that we get that variety in Canada.

  4. that's awesome, Pawl!! I may approach our grocery here about doing something similar :)

  5. who knew others felt the same as me...The Lonely Banana Movement: