Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just a quick note to say that I participated in the THON 5K today with Nari.
THON is HUGE at Penn State, and it is deservedly so - through this organization, much money has been raised to support children battling cancer (I believe over $60 million!). THON certainly deserves its own post (which I do not have time to write about currently). So, for more information about THON (and to donote to the cause) go to this website:

I signed up for this race a couple months ago with the plan to do some decent training in preparation - of course, that fell through :) But, I did show up this morning and I did finish the race without walking in approximately 28 min and 5 seconds. This is not my PR (that is 19 min 30 sec...from high school), but it wasn't that bad either. I was worried about the start of the race because that is always really tight and people are literally pushy. I was just hoping that no one tripped me because my reflexes still are not 100%. Fortunately, I did not fall down (even though I was rude!). it's all fun, though :)

After this week is over, I'm going to look for another race to run in soon. Maybe this next time I will actually "race" in it instead of just trotting along. Still, it feels good to have completed it. It was also very encouraging to see the supporters out along the course - what a great group! It was a lovely day, which also helped.

I'm certainly pooped currently haha but I'm off to study for a bit! have a good week!


  1. Where is the "LIKE" button.. haha, import this to fb as a note :)

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